Welcome to the testing site for the all new wordpress plugin for text base roleplay games.

What is taskforce manager. Well its simple its a plugin for wordpress intended to bring all the functions a Roleplay Group might need.

Purpose: To create a central location for managing all fleet simulations within wordpress.

The plugin will add functionality to add a new sim, update an existing sim, retire a sim.

When a new sim is created it will automatically get added to the active sims page.

Each new sim will have a sim management page.

This will be linked to the sims GM and DGM or nominated member

This will include roster control

Sim reports submission.

Eventually character bios will be added to allow users to manage bios from a central location this way when a character is retired or removed from a sim the bio remains on the central database.


  • Manage simulations – Version 1 Complete
  • Sim Reports –
  • Crew rosters
  • Crew Bios

Developement Stages

  1. Create Simulation add edit delete and view pages – Backend complete – Frontend pages in development
  2. add sim report functionality add edit delete and view
  3. add crew roster support – Sim Manager controlled
  4. add member bios – Member based

Future possible addons

  • Fleet level management
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